What We Do

Infoline 1-604-302-3060

We have a 24-hour, confidential Infoline that anyone can call if they need assistance. The line connects you directly to a Barka volunteer. If the phone is not picked up immediately, please leave a message, and we will do our best to call you back within 30 minutes.

If you are facing a crisis situation, don’t know where to turn or what to do, you can call us. We offer emotional support, information about resources in the community, assistance in obtaining such resources, or direct information about how to proceed with an urgent matter, if we are able to give such information ourselves. Please note, though, that we cannot be guarantors or legal advocates for any client.

Currently we are able to provide immediate assistance in English and in Polish. For other languages, we need time to find a volunteer interpreter.


Currently Barka Canada has created various programs aimed at assisting marginalized people maintain sobriety and reintegrate into society, and helping our community build up its capacity for dealing with issues such as addiction and mental health concerns.

Community Outreach


We have a 24-hour, confidential Infoline (604-302-6030) that anyone can call if they need assistance.

Crisis Intervention

Our volunteers will go to people’s homes or meet them out in the community as requested to help with solving specific problems or just to initiate conversations about their situations and what kind of immediate or ongoing help they need. We often accompany and guide people through the process of obtaining services from other agencies, including governmental.

Community Education

We have organized and presented three community workshops on the issues of mental health and addiction/substance abuse. We plan on continuing to organize and offer such workshops on topics that are of importance to the community.

Support groups

Formal AA & NA group

We have initiated and run a formally-registered AA & NA group which meets every Tuesday at 7 pm at the Phoenix Society building in Surrey, across the street from Surrey Memorial Hospital. The current participants are mostly Polish-speaking so the group is run mainly in Polish, however, everyone is welcome and English can be used.

Self-help group

We currently run a self-help group for people affected by addiction, including family members and those in recovery. This is an informal group and is based on people sharing their experiences and concerns and receiving support from their fellow participants. The current facilitators are our volunteers: Kasia Major, Piotr Szymlowski and Maria Placewicz. The facilitator’s role is simply to keep the conversations respectful and inclusive and to ensure the group starts and ends on time. The meetings are held in one of the meeting rooms at the Central Library in Surrey every Thursday at 7 pm.