Barka Foundation Trip Success!

Barka Foundation in Poland, along with Barka Canada Social Integration Society, organized a trip between July 11- Aug. 2, 2018 for eleven Polish-Canadian young adults, to visit organizations in Poland which demonstrate creative methods of integrating marginalized individuals with society. The trip provided an opportunity to young Canadians of Polish origin to develop or improve their skills in social work, and to learn about social and economic changes that have occurred in Poland in recent decades.

All the trip participants had strong interest in social work, some professionally in the community, others studying in the fields of criminology, political science, or social work.

The trip was a tremendous success. We are very happy about it, since we had put much of our minds and hearts into its preparation, including selection of candidates, planning, training and integration, and fundraising for the training.

We believe that this trip with Barka will prove fruitful for years to come. Through real-life examples of effective social work, these young Polish Canadians gained not only new ideas and skills, but also inspiration and hope. We trust that the trip experiences will benefit their future social work — for the betterment of their communities.

And now we want to share with you some of the trip’s stories and impact directly in the words of several participants who have kindly written to us about their experiences:

From Lukasz:

The purpose of the trip was to allow youth the opportunity to truly experience the very real impact that the Barka organization has created within Polish society. Having personally gone on this once in a lifetime trip, I can attest to the wonderful work the organization is actively performing in Poland.

Despite the many challenges that are encountered on a day to day basis while working with everyone from troubled youth, to people with disabilities, the homeless population, the average troubled narcotics user and even real convicted criminals, the Barka organization in Poland has managed to create a system that truly works. I got to experience firsthand how they actually help people on an individualized basis. They find people jobs, they facilitate real meaningful housing opportunities, they provide counselling using their unique system and above all else, they establish meaningful communities that run under a self-sufficient self-funding model. I have seen the success they impact each and every day as they bring the homeless into homes, provide meaning to the depressed, show the hungry how to farm and train the un-trainable so they can support themselves and eventually become employed to even support their families. From what I can tell, such a program would be a great asset within Canada.

From Victoria:

Thank you for inviting me on this trip, it has been so amazing coming to Poland and working with such on awesome organization, This trip has got me wanting to know and learn about my culture and also volunteer more when I get home. I hope to come back when I study here and volunteer with Barka.

From Anna:

Our three weeks involved a myriad of experiences. Our group visited the cities of Warsaw, Dębicy, Łopusznej, Poznan, Chudobczycach, Pniewy, Gębice and others to view local organizations started or supported by Barka. […] The residents in Chudobczycach welcomed us working alongside them, digging our hands in the dirt on their farm, cooking meals, shovelling grains, fixing farm equipment, etc. Members of parliament and local politicians met with us to discuss their strategies to encourage employment and improve the social welfare of all citizens. We visited several social integration centres that taught individuals fundamental skills for employment and supported work experience with children, construction, cleaning, landscaping, etc.

This experience was a dream come true for me. My heart expanded witnessing so many acts of love and dedication to alleviate human suffering in the world. I am now asking myself what other actions I can take to contribute more to individuals and the communities around me. John Lewis (and others) have asked “If not us, then who? If not now, then when?” One person can make an incredible difference in thousands of lives, as Barbara and Tomek [Sadowski, the founders of Barka in Poland in 1989] have proven through Barka.

I was honoured to be chosen and hope to have more learning experiences and opportunities to contribute with Barka in the future. I encourage everyone to get involved in some way, whether it be through giving time, financial support, or other resources so that Barka Canada can grow and expand and have even more of an impact on our local communities.

From Allan:

Thank you for inviting me to Poland and letting me see all the beautiful areas. I enjoyed working on the farm and all the workers were great people. I love this country and I hope to see all of you again.

From Julia:

It is often difficult to explain the most profound of things without taking the risk of understating that which is indeed incredible; this is precisely the situation in which I find myself each time I am confronted with needing to explain what occurred during the twenty-one days spent in Poland whilst with company of the rarest variety (in terms of exceptionality, of course). This inability to describe is not due to the experiences of the trip being overly complicated or abstract in anyway, on the contrary: what Barka allowed us to glimpse at was life without superfluousness: just people. People of all sorts. People who have suffered, people left behind, people who were offered a second chance, people who were remedied, hopeful people, new people, reborn people. And to be given the chance to witness such people was nothing short of a blessing.

From Martyna:

Wyjazd z fundacją Barka do Polski pozostanie dla mnie niezapomnianym przeżyciem. Poznałam wielu wspaniałych ludzi, z którymi się zaprzyjażniłam. Było to bardzo ciekawe i pouczające doświadczenie, zobaczyłam jaką moc może mieć okazana komuś dobroć. Poznałam ludzi, którzy potknęli się na zawirowanych ścieżkach życia, ale dzięki pomocnej dłoni podanej przez rodzinę Sadowskich, szybko podniesli się na nogi. Jestem zachwycona w jaki sposób fundacja pomaga poszkodowanym przez los, mieliśmy okazję pracować wspólnie z nimi na gospodarstwie w Chudobczycach. Pracowałam również w żlobku „SuperSprawni” i w restauracji Wspólny Stól. Taka forma pomocy która wywodzi się z filozofii wspaniałego myśliciela i człowieka jakim był ks. Tischer pozwala zachować ludziom osobistą godność, ponieważ pracując czują się potrzebni i docenieni przez otoczenie. […] Jestem bardzo wdzięczna fundacji Barka, że mogłam wziąść udział w tym pięknym i pouczającym programie.