Our Mission

Misją Barki CA jest niesienie pomocy grupom najbardziej potrzebującym a koncentrujemy sie na tych, którzy przybyli do Kanady z Europy Środkowej i Wschodniej w poszukiwaniu lepszego bytu, a z różnych względów zostali zepchnięci na margines życia społecznego.

Our Mission is to support socially and economically excluded East and Central European migrants with integration into Canadian society.


  1. Connect Eastern European migrants with the social services they need to assist them in improving their social and economic circumstances.
  2. Provide direct services within the scope of Barka’s mandate to Eastern European migrants as required.
  3. Work together with other Barka Foundation chapters to implement the Barka Foundation model in Canada.
  4. Establish working partnerships with social service organizations, government agencies, and local authorities in establishing seamless referral processes and provision of services.
  5. Engage and collaborate with social service and grassroots organizations which are already involved in the lives of Eastern European migrants.
  6. Assist other groups in establishing Barka Foundation chapters in other parts of Canada.
  7. Ensure awareness among Eastern European communities of the services provided by Barka.